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Nira Playground Pump

The Nira 67 playground pump is designed for use in playgrounds for children's play and in public places for drinking water. The pump is not for pumping water from wells, but is intended for connection to the mains water system.

Below the shaft of the pump is a special cylinder.  When the pump is operated, the cylinder lets water through at a pressure of 2-6 Bar.  Using the pump is just like pumping water from a real drilled well, and when pumping stops the flow of water stops automatically.

The pump does not need a well, and the water is ready to drink. Installation requires a base on which the pump can be installed.  The construction of the pump is completely rust-proof, but the pump must not be used in sub-zero conditions.  There must be sufficient space under the base to adjust the height of the pump.

The Nira 67 playground pump fulfils EU standards for playground equipment and is CE-marked.

Nira playground pumps are installed and being used in hundreds of playgrounds.


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