NIRA 9 Hand pumps


Reliable pump for many applications

The Nira 9 has numerous applications. It can be used in a waterfront sauna, in a garden, in agriculture, or in industry, to name but a few applications. The Nira 9 is mostly rustproof, but is not intended for pumping drinking water. The Nira 9 hand pump is also available with Viton seals, making it possible to use with liquids such as petrol (gasoline).

The pump has a head of 4 metres and, when using the bottom valve, the head extends up to 8 metres. The pump has 1 ¼ ” or 1 ½ ” threaded flanges. If the pump is used to lift water and is used in an environment in which there is a risk of freezing then the pump must be emptied before the temperature drops below freezing.

The Nira 9 can momentarily take around 3 bar of pressure.  The pump must not be installed in a water mains in which it is constantly under pressure. When briskly pumping, the pump's output is about 60 litres per minute.

When the pump is attached to a fuel tank, make sure the tank cannot empty itself (the siphon effect).
Suitability information
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