Garden Pumps and Hand Pumps

A hand pump is particularly suited to summer cottage environments, yards and gardens, and many needs around the farm. The hand pump represents finely honed technology – tried, tested and reliable. It always works, summer and winter, and does not need electricity. The hand pump has an extremely long service life, is easy to maintain and its environmental footprint is almost non-existent. For example, using a hand pump in the garden can bring substantial savings in water and wastewater costs, which have a tendency to rise regularly. A hand pump can also help you avoid investing in expensive wastewater filtering systems. It also offers beneficial 'incidental exercise' and is fun for children.

Why Nira?

Nira pumps have been designed for Nordic winters, but equally for the hot, arid conditions of Africa. In Finland, it is imperative that the pump does not freeze and split in sub-zero winter conditions. Near the equator the pump has to be able to withstand sand and fluctuating temperatures, and lift water from depths of up to 20 metres. We have extensively tested large numbers of our pumps in all kinds of environments to make sure that these criteria are met.

Nira pumps represent quality Finnish design and workmanship. At Nira, we are the experts on hand pumps; if something is worth knowing about hand pumps and their use in different environments, we know it. After all, we have already made over a million of them. In Africa, over 5 million people pump their daily drinking water using Nira pumps. We manufacture our pumps from the best possible materials, so they are made to last. Every pump is shipped with precise instructions for installation and use, and a parts list. Our spare parts service is also second-to-none – we even still supply spare parts for Nira pumps that have been in use for over 50 years. Nira is the lasting, sustainable choice.

About our Well Pumps (Models 1, 3b, 67)

Our well pumps are designed for pumping drinking water and water for household use. They drain automatically, so they do not freeze. The length of the garden well pump is 2.5 m from the cover of the well to the base of the cylinder. The cylinder base features a 1 ¼" internal thread, to which an attachment for a 40mm polythene suction pipe can be fitted. Up to 6 metres of suction pipe can be attached. If you attach more than 1.5 metres of suction pipe you must install a pipe attachment and a bottom valve. The suction cylinder itself can be extended downwards using cylinder extension modules, available in lengths of 0.5 m, 1 m or 3 m. This means that the maximum depth of the pump is 12.5 metres, measured from the base. Pumps must not be installed to pump water from deeper than this, apart from the Nira 67 pump for drilled wells. When installing hand pump models 6B or 9, bear in mind that the length of the suction pipe affects the maximum suction lift of the pump. 32mm polythene pipe is usually used for the suction pipe, with a bottom valve fitted to the end. The pump must not be connected to a system where it is under continuous pressure. If you use the pump for pumping household water and there is a risk of freezing, be sure to thoroughly empty the pump and pipes of water after use. The same pump must not be used for pumping water and oil. If you require the pump handle to be turned the other way (useful, for example, in large tanks), mention this when ordering.




Nira handpumps

Over 90 years' experience making pumps for water, oil or fuel.

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