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Nira 2 hand pump, viton seals

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Nira 2 hand pump, viton seals

The Nira 2 barrel pump features viton seals and is designed for pumping oils and fuels directly from the barrel. The pump is fitted with M 64 x 4 and R 2" barrel threads as well as a 19 mm hose attachment.

When the pump is attached to a fuel tank, make sure the tank cannot empty itself (the siphon effect).

Nira 2 product card

Material Silumin casting, steel, stainless steel, viton.
Suitability petrol, turpentine, engine cleaners
Frost resistance -5C
Weight 1,4 kg
Package Plasticpack
Suction height 3 meters
pumping capacity 24L /min
Pressure 1 bar
Country of Origin Finland


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