ACE316 Acid-proof chemical pump

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ACE316 Acid-proof chemical pump

Handy and reliable small hand pump that can be attached straight to the barrel or to a vertical & horizontal surfaces by using adapters. Suitable for pumping most chemicals, acids and bases. Pump inlet and outlet have ½" female threads and 25ø hose is possible to attach.

Material Acid-proof steel AISI316, PTFE
Suitability Liquid fuels, oils, AdBlue, chemichals (acids and bases)
Frost resistance -45C
Weight 2,2 kg
package dimensions 212x120x156mm
Suction height 3m without suction pipe's bottom valve
Pumping capacity 30L /min
Pressure 1 bar
Inlet and outlet G1/2" Internal thread, 25mm hose
Country of Origin Finland


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