"Nira 9 hand pump 1½"

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Nira 9 hand pump 1½"

Nira 9 oil and water pump. The Nira 9 hand pump is also available with Viton seals, making it possible to use with liquids such as petrol (gasoline). When installing the pump please be aware that the length of the suction pipe affects the pump’s maximum suction lift height; 10 m of horizontal suction pipe lessens the possible lift by approx. 1 metre. P 1" (32 mm) is normally used as suction pipe, with a bottom valve fitted at the end.

Internal 1 ½” threads for attachment.
The Nira 9 can momentarily take around 3 bar of pressure. The pump must not be fitted to a network where it is continuously subject to pressure. If the Nira 9 pump is used for pumping household water and is stored in a place where there is a risk of freezing, be sure to thoroughly empty it of water.

When the pump is attached to a fuel tank, make sure the tank cannot empty itself (the siphon effect).

Nira 9 product card

Material Silumin casting, steel, stainless steel, nitrile rubber
Suitability water, oil, fuel oil, diesel, glycol
Frost resistance -15C
Weight 5,8 kg
Package Plasticpack
Suction height 4 m without bottom valve and 8m with bottom valve
pumping capacity 60L /min
Pressure 1 bar
Country of Origin Finland


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