Nira 3B garden pump (2,50M)

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Nira 3B garden pump (2,50M)

This pump is intended for pumping drinking and general household water. The overall length of the pump is around 3.5 m; approx. 2.5 m from the well cover to the base of the cylinder. The base of the cylinder features a 1 ¼” internal thread, to which a suction pipe and bottom valve can be fitted if the suction pipe is longer than 1.5 metres. 6 metres is the maximum suction pipe length.

Material Cast iron, stainless steel, HDPE plastic, nitrile rubber
Suitability water
Usage year-round Usage
Weight 22 kg
package dimensions 115 x 45 x 20 cm
pumping capacity 40 l/min
Country of Origin Finland


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