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"Nira 6B Arctic hand pump 1"" h.dow

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Nira 6B Arctic hand pump 1" h.down

The Nira 6B Arctic hand pump, handle facing downwards, improved freeze protection with Eco seals. Mostly rust-proof hand pump, suitable for pumping oils and heating fuels.
Internal 1" threads for attachment.
The Nira 6B can take around 3 bar of pressure momentarily.
Not intended for pumping water.
When the pump is attached to a fuel tank, make sure the tank cannot empty itself (the siphon effect).

Nira 6 product card
Nira 6 industrial applications

Material Silumin casting, steel, stainless steel, Eco.
Suitability oils, fuel oils
Frost resistance -30C
Weight 3,3 kg
Package Plasticpack
Suction height 4 m without bottom valve and 8m with bottom valve
pumping capacity 40L /min
Pressure 1 bar
Country of Origin Finland


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