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Nira-pumput kotitalouksille

Domestic pumps

  • Homes
  • Gardens and yards
  • Leisure homes
  • Farms

A Nira pump always works!!

A distinguishing feature of the Finnish garden is the classic Nira pump.  The Nira hand pump is an ecological and cost-effective way to pump domestic and drinking water from a well, without the need for electricity.  The pump’s classic Finnish styling is like a finishing touch for the garden, and its durable, safe design will provide a long, maintenance-free service life.

A reliable, long-life hand pump

Hand-operated Nira pumps are in service in challenging environments all around the world.  Their simple mechanical operating principle remains reliable all year round: a Nira pump will not freeze or rust, even if left unused for long periods.  The result of nearly a hundred years of development, hand pumps in the Nira product family will provide decades of hassle-free service.  Our comprehensive range of spare parts  includes parts for pumps that have been in service for decades.

The traditional Nira design is a classic; however, models designed for more modern environments are also available.  Nira’s unique, durable technology has also been applied to the child-friendly Nira Playground Pump.

Nira hand pump applications

  • Homes and summer homes
  • Gardens and parks
  • Farms
  • Applications where water or other liquids need to be moved without electricity
  • Back-up systems for electric pumps
Nira käsipumput

Playground pump

  • Playgrounds
  • Day care centres
  • School yards
  • Gardens and yardshin

Nira Playground Pumps - pumping fun into play time

The activating and teaching Nira Playground Pump brings the joy of water into children’s play.  Tested and designed specifically for children to use, the hand operated Nira Playground Pump is safe and suitable for a number of applications, from large parks and playgrounds to domestic yards and gardens.

The robust Nira Playground Pump has been designed with safety as its number one feature.  This can be seen in its durable materials, non-toxic coatings and child-friendly design and functionality.  Maintenance-free and boasting a long service life, the Nira Playground Pump is backed up by Nira’s almost 100 years of experience of designing and testing pumps.

The Nira Playground Pump fulfils the requirements set out in the EU safety standards for playground equipment (EN 1176-1).  The pump does not require a well; it is installed in a pressurised system (pressure requirement 4-6 bar), and one pumping motion delivers a few decilitres of water.

Nira handpumps

Over 100 years' experience making pumps for water, oil or fuel.